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Viscosupplementation is a medical procedure in which a gel-like lubricating substance called hyaluronic acid is injected into the knee joint to help relieve pain and improve mobility. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally within our joints that helps to reduce pain and inflammation while improving lubrication. Many people who undergo viscosupplementation report significant reductions in knee pain and improved quality of life.

While viscosupplementation, often referred to as knee injection gel or chicken grease, is not a cure for knee arthritis, it can provide temporary relief from symptoms and improve function.

Viscosupplementation injections help to reduce pain and stiffness in the joint, improving mobility and quality of life for those suffering from knee arthritis.

If you are considering viscosupplementation for the treatment of knee arthritis, it is important to discuss the risks and benefits with Dr. Heckman. Viscosupplementation is a safe and effective treatment for many people, but there are a few potential side effects that should be considered.

How Long Does a Viscosupplementation Injection Last?

The effects of viscosupplementation injections can typically last for about six months. Some people may experience longer-term benefits, while others may need to receive more frequent treatments to maintain the desired results.

There are a few factors that may contribute to how long the injection lasts, including the type of viscosupplement used, the severity of joint damage, your activity level and your overall health. Dr. Heckman will go over what you can expect from this treatment option during your consultation.

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